Each guest will receive

  • His or her own temperature controlled kennel.

  • Four exercise excursions per day, (extended walks are available).

  • Premium IAMS dog food, (owners may supply dog food if preferred).

  • Raised cots for comfort, (owners may also supply bedding if preferred).



  • Individual Canine: $18.00 per day

  • Multiple Canines: $18.00 per day for the first guest and $15.00 per day for each additional guest.

  • Individual Feline: $10.00 per day

  • Day Stay: $ 20.00

    • Pick up/Drop off Times: 6:30-8 AM M-F

      • 8-10 AM Sat.

      • 9-10 AM Sun.

    • Pick up/Drop off Times: 4-6 PM Tuesday through Sunday

      • Mondays 5-6 PM.

  • Holiday hours subject to change

 Minimum credit card charge $25.00

We accept credit, cash or check.